Routine Ob/Gyn Appointments

Routine does not mean uncomfortable or inhuman at Miami Beach Associates practice. It does mean that we provide a host of routine assessments that ensure you are in your maximum health.

When should examination start? Women who are sexually active at any age or at 18 should see a gynecologist yearly.

What happens? A typical exam includes a short physical and assessment of the thyroid, breasts, heart, lungs, abdomen and pelvis. A plastic speculum is placed into the vagina in order to do the pap smear. The speculum is available in a variety of sizes to make the routine exam more comfortable – so you can ask the gynecologist for a different size speculum should you experience any significant discomfort. Testing for sexually transmitted diseases and other blood tests can also be performed.

What is a Pap test?  The pap is a screening test performed for the detection of cervical cancer. If there are any abnormalities found by the lab, the gynecologist will contact you and schedule a more sensitive test known as a colposcopy where the cervix is magnified and stained with a special solution .Some women have no sensation during the pap smear and others experience it as a “pinching” or “tugging” feeling deep inside the vagina. Very few women have pain during the collection.

What is a Pelvic Exam? The second part of the GYN annual exam is a pelvic exam. This is done to feel the size, shape and consistency of the uterus, tubes and ovaries. Two fingers are introduced into the vagina and the gynecologist then places the second hand on the woman’s lower abdomen. The manual routine exam is then performed. Relaxing the abdomen and having an empty bladder makes the exam easier to perform more comfortable. If this is your first gynecological exam of this type, make sure you explain to the nurse that this is your first gynecological annual exam so a special effort can be made to put you at ease and to explain the equipment and the sensations you will experience.

What do I do while this is happening? Patients’ can do whatever they feel comfortable doing however, feel free to ask questions throughout if you are unclear or had a lingering question from last time. Dr Norris usually plays soothing music during the exam and the office environment is very relaxing making the experience as easy as possible.