Miami Beach OB/GYN Associates

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  • Non-invasive tubal ligation

    Tubal ligation is another procedure that is an annoyance in the hospital but easy in the offices of the Miami Beach Ob/Gyn Assoc. Patients looking for non-invasive tubal ligation will find the office to be fully equipped with the most…

  • Bio Identical Hormones

    Much has been said and extensive marketing has been done with bio-identical hormones. Dr Norris will help you separate fact from fiction with hormone replacement and can provide you the latest research in bio-identical hormones. He will help you find…

  • Cosmetics

    The advances in medicine make image management much more affordable, sophisticated, and easier recovery than in previous decades. Dr. Norris selected his team not only for their professionalism but their knowledge and expertise in working with cosmetic facial fillables and…