Non-Invasive Tubal Ligation

Tubal ligation is another procedure that can be challenging if done in the hospital however it is easily done in the office of Miami Beach OB GYN Associates. Patients looking for non-invasive tubal ligation will find the office to be fully equipped with the most advanced technology that can close Fallopian tubes without making an incision. those seeking permanent birth control methods will find this procedure effective and will experience minimal discomfort.

Dr. Norris’ practice can complete the ligation without incisions. Some call this technique minimally invasive female sterilization. The biggest difference between it and typical approaches is that no incision is made because instead of going in to conduct the procedure through your navel, a camera is inserted through the cervix. Then the doctor will simply put a small metal coil which induces the body to form scar tissue around it, creating its own seal. Until x-rays confirm full capping of the tube, other birth control methods must be used, however when it is done, its permanent, therefore women considering another pregnancy should refrain from this surgery until they are sure they desire permanent birth control. Benefits include zero need for hospital stays. Typically the procedure allows women to return to work the next day, with normal activity able to resume right after surgery.