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Gynecology Procedures, In-Office

If you have been dealing with painful conditions and want relief without the pain of going to the hospital, Miami Beach Ob/Gyn Associates can help. Dr. Norris’ expertise in procedures often considered “invasive” are done in-office due to his 20 years of experience and partnership with inventors who make technology specifically for medical offices. Thus invasive procedures become minimally invasive.

Have you held back on getting a hysteroscopy because you didn’t want the hassle? Become our patient and experience what no fuss Gyn services are like when it comes to hysteroscopy and ablations.

Hysteroscopy: Abnormal bleeding affects a million patients a year and can occur at any age. Blood studies, ultrasounds, and other tests might be effective but the definitive test, hysteroscopy, is one we can do in-office. After cervical dilation, much like a pap smear,  a small  camera are inserted, which allows for the physician to inspect the area and identify the source of bleeding, fibroids, or other abnormalities that may be remedied in-office. The total procedure, on average, takes less than 20 minutes.

Ablation (endometrial):  Removing the uterine lining, or ablation, is a remedy for a variety of reproductive issues, such as abnormal bleeding. For those patients who are appropriate candidates removing of the uterine lining is an excellent and minimally invasive choice. This procedure can be completed in-office. This procedure is gentle, and often has patients back on their feet the next day.

These appointments can be completed upon special request on weekends to give more time for recovery.

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