Bio Identical Hormones

Much has been said and extensive marketing has been done with bioidentical hormones. Dr Norris will help you separate fact from fiction with hormone replacement and can provide you the latest research in bio-identical hormones. He will help you find the right dose and mix of replacement to relieve your symptoms whether it be low sex drive, vaginal dryness or hot flashes. He will assure you receive bio-identical hormones that are quality hormones.

Dr. Norris’ approach begins with evaluation for need of testing  hormone levels, and eliminating diet, nutrient and other components that might be contributing to the symptoms. If Bioidentical treatment is identified as the best approach, a a precise and customized combination of bioidentical estrogens, progesterone, and/or testosterone will be prescribed by Dr. Norris .

These are your hormones, customized for your needs and they typically alleviate symptoms within 1-3 months.

Who shouldn’t use BiH

Women with a history of breast cancer in her family or is a survivor herself is typically not recommended to have BiH as a treatment, though some do under the supervision of their doctor. Dr. Norris believes that BiH can help address the extremes of the effects of your body adjusting to new hormonal developments in addition to a holistic assessment and approach of potential lifestyle changes that might mitigate uncomfortable sensations or other symptoms