About Us

Miami Beach Ob/GYN Associates is a full service practice focused on providing comprehensive care that fits your busy life style. Under the medical direction of Dr. Paul  Michael Norris, a physician who has over twenty years of experience. Dr. Norris has been at the forefront of obstetrics and gynecology through his positions as researcher and associate professor at the University of Miami, graduating 200 practicing Gynecologist.

Because of this work, Dr. Norris realized that, whether a full time mother, working professional and/or mother or enjoying your retirement, you don’t have time to waste in offices with insensitive staff and long waiting times. Dr. Norris’ practice focuses on giving his clients state of the art service in a relaxed comfortable setting with a doctor who makes you feel like a welcome guest, not a number in the waiting room. This includes making special accommodations such as VIP appointments and Saturday hours if needed. Dr. Norris is supported by the best in medical support staff, chosen for their customer service and professionalism.

Dr. Norris believes that proper Ob/Gyn services are critical for your quality of life and strives to make them as accessible as possible in his practice. Services provided are both the routine Gyn services you might expect a well as specialized in-office gynecological and cosmetic procedures Dr. Norris has perfected. These include:

Office Procedures

Ablation (endometrial) – Patients experiencing heavy vaginal bleeding may benefit from this procedure which is minimially invasive and dramatically reduces vaginal bleeding.

Tubal Ligation Without making an incision, patients can undergo this procedure and return to work often the next day.

Hysteroscopy  – A small camera is placed inside the uterus when abnormal vaginal bleeding occurs or a polyp is found inside of the uterus. Rather than dealing with the annoyance of surgery in the hospital, patients can have this procedure completed in the office

Diagnosing Abnormal Results Dr. Norris understands that getting the call from the doctor that your results are abnormal can be disturbing and has included a series of testing services in-house to get results as quickly as possible:

  • Colposcopy More comprehensive than Pap smears, colposcopy provides detailed results more quickly as the result of having on-site testing equipment.
  • LEEP Procedures To diagnose and treat HPV and abnormal PAP smears.
  • Blood and Urine Studies Patients can have blood and urine taken and tested in house to provide quick and accurate results. •
  • Ultrasounds As a result of screenings, ultrasounds may provide more accurate information of developments in your reproductive system. Miami Beach Ob/Gyn Associates have this capability on-site

Addressing Decreased Libido or Hot Flashes These can be disconcerting symptoms that can be addressed by a number of different treatment including bio-identical hormones, quick working treatments that can deliver results.

Cosmetic Procedures

Labioplasty Often referred to as vaginal rejuvenation, labioplasty is an area of expertise for Dr. Norris. Used most frequently to correct painful or large vaginal lips, Miami Beach ObGyn Associates has inoffice medical support to ensure complete privacy.

Weight Loss Support Dr. Norris has examined the results of FDA approved medication and has designed a weight loss protocol that will assist you in having a positive experience supported by staff and results.